Destinations Together Webinar – The Future of Tourism in a Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic has created great uncertainty which makes it significantly more challenging to predict the future. Subsequently there is elevated risk for consumers and businesses alike to invest in travel. Likewise, travel and cruise tourism are facing stiff challenges to restart during this tumultuous time. Dr. Albert Postma, Professor of Strategic Foresight and Scenario Planning at the European Tourism Futures Institute (ETFI), NHL Stenden University, has co-authored a detailed paper on the future perspective of the visitor economy. Rigorous study and research are at the core of this important academic analysis. Dr. Postma will share what he and his colleagues see in their virtual ‘crystal ball of the future’ for the travel industry – Will it be business as usual? Will the industry degrade into ‘survival of the fittest’ or, progressively evolve to responsible tourism? You will learn how this explorative model is utilized to imagine, or even re-imagine a destination’s tourism future. The economic forces at play, coupled with the actions of all stakeholders as well as the consumer, will ultimately help determine the future of tourism in your destination. Don’t miss this cutting-edge, informative session to help ensure you and your destination are prepared for the future in a post pandemic world!