Tourism in Hoi An, Vietnam: impacts, perceived benefits, community attachment and support for tourism development

Tourism has impacts and these impacts affect people. This study aimed to identify how residents in Hoi An, Vietnam (a world heritage site), perceive the impacts and benefits obtained from tourism and the relationship between community attachment and support for tourism. The study employed a survey of local residents in Hoi An. The results indicate that residents largely see the impacts of tourism as positive economically and socioculturally but not environmentally. Also residents who have a stronger attachment to their community had a positive inclination towards tourism and its development. Having a better understanding of residents’ perceptions about tourism impacts, benefits, community attachment and support for tourism could assist tourism planners not only in Hoi An but also in other heritage sites. Positive economic and sociocultural impacts should be emphasized to local residents. It is found that greater attention should be given to negative socio-cultural and environmental impacts in order to improve the quality of tourism in a sustainable way.


Tourism, impact, tourism development, benefit, attachment, support, Hoi An